Oil Quality Sensor (OQS) applicable in all applications and oil types. Where oil is the lifeblood of the installation. Prevent equipment downtime.

10ppm accurate, the new Oil Quality Sensor

Improved sensitivity

The improved technique of the new Oil Quality Sensor means that the degradation sensitivity of the oil condition is accurate up to 10ppm. The new generation of real-time oil condition monitoring sensor offers significantly improved performance and flexibility. As a result, the benefits of real-time insight into the oil condition of equipment will increase and allow a reduction in operating costs.

New Oil Quality Sensor sets accuracy to 10ppm

The oil condition can be continuously analysed in real time with a detection sensitivity of 0.001% (10 ppm accuracy) for oil state changes. The sensor works in any type of oil (e.g. engine, gearbox, hydraulics and insulation) and detects the slightest change in condition; regardless of the cause (wear and/or contamination). An accurate condition of the oil is continuously reported as a simple indicator. This indicator can be displayed on existing equipment (PLC, IOT gateways) or using our displays.

The measured values are of the highest quality and integrity, which gives an unrivalled insight into the status of your equipment. This enables a trending of the oil condition, with the aim of determining the life span of the oil. This will not only reduce oil consumption and waste, but also extend maintenance intervals without risk. These benefits will ultimately make a positive contribution to the operating result. Carrying out planned predictive maintenance by identifying potential problems in good time increases the employability of the equipment.

Development and applications

new Oil Quality Sensor (OQS)
The new generation Oil Quality Sensor

The development is the accumulation of several years of experience and technological developments. The feedback from customers and the demand for being able to measure even more accurately. The new sensor enables users to get more return on investment. Because of its broad applicability at an attractive price in every application. Whether it is one of the largest marine engines or a high-volume automotive application, anything is possible. Experience shows that equipment owners using oil condition monitoring can significantly reduce their operating costs. And make a positive contribution to reducing the Co2 footprint by reducing oil consumption up to 30%”.

The Oil Quality Sensor can be retrofitted to any equipment, in any environment and operates continuously without maintenance.

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