Oil Quality Sensor (OQS) applicable in all applications and oil types. Where oil is the lifeblood of the installation. Prevent equipment downtime.

Oil quality sensor (OQS)

Oil Quality Sensor

Our oil quality sensor is the best and most sensitive solution for measuring real-time condition.

Oil Quality Sensor OQS
Oil Quality Sensor by Distance Monitoring Services

Because it is easy to place, which will make it possible to rapid detect the oil quality. Therefore immediately detection of all possible wear or contamination in oil. Due to its sensitivity (60x more than others) the sensor is suitable and applicable with any type of oil, so use it in any application without any problem.

Some advantages to achieve as a result of using the sensor

  • Actual insight of oil quality therefore intervals adjustable to service needs
  • Less maintenance means less operational costs
  • Better condition of equipment result in safer equipment
  • Reduced oil consumption is better for the environment

Online readings

In combination with our Distance Monitoring system, you are always fully aware of your oil quality wherever you are.

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