Oil Quality Sensor (OQS) applicable in all applications and oil types. Where oil is the lifeblood of the installation. Prevent equipment downtime.

Oil quality sensor technology

Oil quality sensors technology

Oil Dielectric Sensor
Oil measurement with dielectric measuring principle

The Oil Quality Sensor technology is available for several years, various sensors have come to the market. But for most of those who chose to use them, they have only achieved a limited advantage. Due to various technical (im)possibilities, understanding the oil grade measurements is very difficult.

Technical features

The most common technique used by these sensors is measurement of the dielectric constant of the oil. Based on the theory that when the oil breaks down, the dielectric constant decreases. Therefore, the sensors that measure this technique have all the same negative properties:

  • Lack of sensitivity; Dielectric constant alone is insufficient for total oil condition.
  • Temperature stability; The dielectric constant of an oil changes when the temperature changes, which makes it difficult to measure the correct oil quality .
  • Suitable for all oils; This could be seen as an advantage, but because of this feature it makes the sensor unreliable.

Combination of technologies

Some manufacturers have been able to combine different measurement technologies in the same sensor, such as:

  • Dielectric constant
  • Moisture
  • Viscosity
  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity

However, due to this combination, the sensors all give multiple values. It often requires an expert to analyse the measured values ​​to determine the oil quality. This is very confusing. As a result, immediately determining the oil quality is not possible and this can cause problems. The measured values ​​may have such bad values ​​that the oil should actually be replaced immediately.

OilQualitySensor (OQS)
The new generation Oil Quality Sensor

The new Oil Quality Sensor of Distance Monitoring Services

Oil Quality Sensor working principle
The operation principle of the Oil Quality Sensor

The oil quality sensor technology used by us uses a technique that measures the electro-chemical properties of the oil at a molecular level.

Therefore, we can measure with a very high sensitivity. The sensor is up to 60 times more sensitive than regular sensors. Each oil has its own electrochemical fingerprint. Due to sensors digital oil fingerprint, the sensor is usable for all oils with exceptional temperature stability. If the oil changes, by oxidation, contamination or viscosity, the electrochemical fingerprint also changes. Our oil quality sensor will detect these minor oil changes in the oil.

Reliable measurement of oil quality

Temperature stability of oil quality sensor
Temperature changes has minimal to no effect on measured values

Repeated independent tests have determined which change in electrochemical fingerprint has disadvantageous effects on the lubricating properties of the oil. So the oil quality sensor can always measure the exact oil quality.

To display the oil quality, you can use different types of displays, online and offline solutions.

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