Oil Quality Sensor (OQS) applicable in all applications and oil types. Where oil is the lifeblood of the installation. Prevent equipment downtime.

Oil Condition Monitoring on Diesel Generator

Oil Condition Monitoring applied to multiple diesel generator sets on a ferry. By continuously monitoring the oil condition, the oil maintenance can be planned better. Oil Condition Monitoring makes it possible to extend the life of the oil than the regular oil change. Interim sampling of the oil for analysis can be kept to a minimum. In total this results in an enormous saving.

Diesel Generator
Oil Condition Monitoring on 4 Diesel Generator sets
Graphs of Oil Condition Monitoring on Diesel Generators
Real-time oil condition monitoring of diesel generators

In the above graph, the blue line is the oil condition. In the middle there are some spikes and after that the oil condition values is lower than before. The spikes indicates here there was an oil change. The oil condition drops when the engine is turned off and cools down (yellow line), this is because the manifold where sensor is mounted is drained automatically.